Adult Pits for Sale

 Mugleston's female available. This girl will make a great producer for anyone's program. We must make room the next generation of mugleston's Bulls. She will be coming into heat anytime. If she comes in before she sells we're keeping her. $8,900



Techno/Easy son for sale. This boy is only 10.5 months old and look at him already. He is a monster. Already well over 100lbs he is not even close to finished growing, he will gain so much more muscle, bone, and head. We expect him to grow into Techno 2.0 or nicer. This boy is fearless, happy, intelligent, athletic, house trained, and loves other dogs and kids alike.  Call 918-218-4567 if you want this boy in your living room





Adult male for sale. This boy is stacked and he is also a very outgoing happy fearless boy who loves people and animals alike. He is a son of Mugleston's Champion BlueBelle and Mugleston's Grand Champion Techno.  First $7,900 takes him home. Phone messages and texts usually returned within 30 minutes or less but always within 24 hours. Thanks for looking and feel free to call anytime 918-218-4567

Adult Pits For Sale
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