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 Extra compact Techno son for sale. 102lbs 25" head, 19.5 tall This boy is only 10.5 months old and already turning a monster. We expect him to grow into Techno 2.0. $8,900. Call 918-218-4567 if you want this boy in your yard. This boy is out of Techno and our Champion female Mugleston's Blue Belle. Blue Belle is from a Mugleston's Blue Boogie monster son and direct Mugleston's MAGOO daughter. This boy is bred right with a pedigree that is out of this world. 



This is a Rare chance to own the nicest Buddha son ever to come out of Mugleston's. If you love Buddha blood this is the last chance to own some of the bulliest blood in the world. Buddha is retired and this boy is definitely nicer than his dad. We are so tempted to keep this boy and use him but we are staying with the direction of the traditional XL XXL Bully pits we have been known for for over 20 years and no matter how nice our males are we can't keep them all. We will only sell him if we can still breed our females to him for 1 puppy back out of each breeding. 

 This boy is out of Buddha and Mugleston's Katrina. The perfect blend of old school Mugleston's Muscle from Katrina and incredible girth from Buddha. This boy is a 110lb monster. He is 2 1/2 years old. $10,000 takes this one of a kind boy home or we will happily keep him and use him. 

If you want this freak in your living room call Aaron anytime at (918) 218-4567





Muglestons Blizzard is for sale. She is solid as it gets in muscle mass and definition. This girl looks like a statue chiseled out of stone. $5,900

Adult Pits For Sale
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