"PR" Mugleston's Juan Godzilla

"PR" Mugleston's Juan Godzilla
Registery: UKC Purple Ribbon
Weight: 98lbs. and growing
Height: A freakishly short 16 1/2 inches from the top of h
Head size: A little over 26 inches
Color: White with Blue cowpatches
Bloodlines: Juan Gotty on top and Monster G on bottom, Mega Greyline!

The world better watch out for this one. This white & blue pitbull puppy is going to be something. Gotty was the thickest widest pitbull puppy we had ever seen when we got him and he is only getting more incredible as he grows. At 5 1/2 months old he weighs 61lb and is already one of the thickest and widest American pitbull terrier on the yard. He looks like he should make a sound more like an African elephant than a dog. This boy truly is going to be a beast. He is a grandson of the notorious Juan Gotty on the sire side and Monster G on the dam side. Gotty was bred by my good friends Rodney Bingly and Mario Marshall from new Trojan kennels. Gotty is an extremely intelligent, energetic and fearless white & blue pitbull puppy. His mission in life seems to be to please us. He is a very fast learner and once he understands what you want he will happily do it every time. This American pitbull terrier is the complete package. Mario told me when he sent Gotty "this boy is going to be something" And he wasn't kidding. we will be posting updated pics of Godzilla every few months.  Mugleston's Juan Godzilla has been sold to & is now co-Owned by our good friends in Hawaii Loretta black and David Crisostomo in Guam, Thanks guys