Blue Kodiak (Lobo) - Valdez's Blue Tiger Shark

Blue Kodiak (Lobo) - Valdez's Blue Tiger Shark
Registery: UKC/ADBA
Weight: 98lbs.
Height: 17 3/4 inches
Head size: 26 1/2 inches
Color: Blue

This blue boy incredible. When it comes to heavy bone, muscle mass and extreme head and chest this blue nose pit-bull stud has it all and then some. This blue nose pit-bull dog loves to play more than any dog I have ever seen in my life. His favorite games are fetch and sliding down the slide at the park. Yes, you read that right, this blue pit-bull dog will actually climb the 10 foot ladder on the slide at a public park and then slide down the slide. Lobo is the foundation male for many of Mugleston's Monster bloodlines today. I'd like to thank Frank Hughes for laying the foundation that created Lobo & special thanks to a great guy, Shawn V. for letting Mugleston's show Lobo to the world & work with this boy over the years.