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Ultimate Dog Vitamins!

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Much BETTER THAN BULLYMAX or anything else we have tried for getting dogs to their full potential in our personal experience. We have tried every supplement there is. 

 Want to bring out the ripped muscle potential in your bull?

We love animals and especially the great American Pitbull Terrier. We think this will really help anyone that has dogs or cats. We wanted to share information with all of the pitbull community about the ultimate dog Super vitamin/supplement. We don't make this stuff or sell it, we really want to let people know about it since it has made such a big difference for us with our bullies.

Simply put, this is the most incredible dog Mega Vitamin/supplement we have ever seen. Nothing else even comes close. It's a chewable tablet that all our dogs love and think is a treat. I have actually talked with people who gave it to older dogs that acted years younger after being on it for a couple of months or dogs with severe skin problems that cleared up completely after starting these vitamins. The company says with all its antioxidants and other herbs and nutrients it will really strengthen the immune system and can actually add years to your best friend's life. Really, for us, this stuff pays for itself just in bigger, healthier litters. Anyway, if you want to try it feel free to call the company, they can tell you a lot more than I can. We just love to see our dogs feeling and looking this good, and I will admit the fact that it's helped them grow so much bigger & more muscular is a factor too.

If you're interested, call them or click here to go to their website. Ask for their All Natural canine wafers. Their number is 1-800-474-7044. You are welcome to use our order discount code 64779.

Let us know what you think of it, we love to hear success stories:) Ask to be put on their auto-ship program and they'll give you 15% off too. This stuff is wonderful for all breeds of dogs at all ages plus they make it for cats also. It's made with all-natural 100% human-grade ingredients and I have been told by weight pullers it's the Ultimate weight pulling supplement. Well, I hope this really helps everyone. Thanks, good luck with your bullies, and HAPPY BULLDOGGIN'.

Aaron Mugleston