Muglestons Pitbull Farm

150 to 200lb Pitbulls


“I’ve bought pitbulls from the best kennels all over the US, nothing else even comes close to my Mugleston’s dogs” Micheal Dickerson. Pro Basketball player for the Seattle Sonics.”

-Micheal Dickerson

“I tried to e-mail you some pics a few days ago but I don’t think it went through. I just wanted to up date you on SHAQ. I am amazed at what he’s turned into, “freak”. At ten months old he has the height of a short pit with body of an American Bull dog. In my opinion he is the best looking pit bull I’ve ever seen. Feel free to give my number as a reference and I will spread the word about how incredible the pups from your kennel are. Oh did I mention that I bring him to the park and watch strange kids crawl all over him for hours. He is the most gentle pet I’ve ever seen.”

– Dan Martin

(As posted on our message board in response to someone saying that Godzilla is freakishly thick and his pics must be stretched)
“Aaron will be the first to tell you how to unstretch a photo on a web, those photo’s aren’t stretched, I’ve seen mugleston’s dogs in person, first time I saw Mugleston’s Gotty he was 4 months old, I was impressed to say the least, you should go see him in person bro, that dog needs a tattoo on his ass that says “wide load”! for real.”

– Sean Valdez

“WOW….. Man that pup is awesome he looks so thick….man I hope my girl spits
out stuff like that,,,,so did you decide to keep him….I really think you
should, YOU might be really SORRY if you don’t keep him!!!!!!!! Aaron I LOVE MY DOG!!!! she is so COOL its like she was meant for us…she fit right into the family,,,THANKS AGAIN!!!!!! c-ya 4 now…”

– Fred

(As posted on our message board by my friend Matt C. from British Columbia, Canada)
“Aaron sent me my boy 2nd pick Covergirl breeding. I couldn’t have asked for a smarter dog. He growled at my cat once I grabbed his mussel softly then firmly said no. And he hasn’t paid any attention to to the cat since. My boy seems to only want to please me and he’s well on his way to be house broken he tries to aim for the paper that I laid down for him. He has a nice coat and really nice bones. I haven’t weighed him yet but he seems to be roughly 40p at 3 months 11 days. I’d say his best feature is a massively wide chest. I’m having my vet give him a full check up tomorrow and ill get back to everyone with the results. Thanks for the Everything Aaron .I have no regrets shopping here at Muglestons”

– Matt C.


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“Hey there. yea my pup is doing just great. She is getting so thick. well I haven’t really seen a ugly stage out of her yet. Everyone tells me is that she is so beautiful, unlike a lot of other pitbulls. I try to tell them that it is ok to pet her, they are just such loving animals. I have changed a couple peoples minds about the breed, not sure about entirely but at least opened their eyes a little. I have honestly never seen a mellower dog. I mean she never barks (thank god) unless you are playing with her or teasing her by just staring at her. I have a buddy who raised a couple of pits and he said it perfectly, (you got what you paid for). I will send some pics to you in about a week when she turns the big four months. Hey I was wondering if you had pics. from the Karma litter. man I bet those are some incredible dogs. I think if they turn out good I might have to get a male out of the second breed if you do one. I feel that my pup resembles Karma a lot with the color and size of her with the pics at four months. Any ways Thanks for the help and like I said I will send some pics. to you in about a week or so.”

– Shawn Bronson

“Hey Aaron, how is it going it is good to see my boy “SNOOP” on your produced page I will have to get you a better picture that has got to be the worst one of him. He is going to be 6 months old on Friday and guess what yes that’s right he is even bigger than last time I talked to you when he just turned 5 months. At just shy of 6 months he is an incredible 81lbs. a 22.5inch head and 18inchs tall yep those are all real measurements with no exaggerations. Hey guess what if any doesn’t believe you and they want to come done tell them i said no problem but bring a biggggggg scale and a bigggggg tape to measure. Just thought i would give the update I will be sending you another picture and figures when he hits 7 months. My guess is 90+ how about your guess. Thanks again for the incredible beast/dog-Eli “SUPERIOR PITBULLS”

– Eli Aldinger of CA

“hey Aaron, I was just looking at the new pics the Cinnagirl pups look great. Cuda the pup I just got from you is doing great. she has the best personality, and everyone I know wants her (hell no) I don’t even care how big she gets. she is definitely everything you promised and then some. hey don’t forget to put my name up on your site. Thanks Aaron.”

– Roman Vaughn

“I appreciate everything you have done. And I also appreciate all the times you have returned my emails and kept me posted on things. I just want to know that I would highly recommend your business to anybody, and it won’t be our last. and thanks again.”

– Shawn

“Hey man what’s up I can’t wait to get my boy TYSON yeah I already got the name and everything I even saved the message when you said you’ll hold him for me. I can’t wait to pick up TYSON from the airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Update: “This boy is crazy, Thanks Aaron”

– Robert Ferguson (Wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers)